Ingrown hairs. Irritated skin. Constant shaving. Razor bumps. Monthly wax expenses. Time spent managing hair removal.

Any of these sound familiar? Here at Shear Escape Salon and Spa, we know our clients are tired of the pitfalls of managing hair removal. Our skilled esthetics service providers, Lorena and Sunbright, have been in the industry for a combined nearly 20 years. In working with their clientele, they’ve experienced an influx in inquiries about a more permanent, painless hair removal option.

Laser hair removal is an advanced, painless technique that helps our clients see up to 85% hair reduction.

WOMEN’S Laser Hair Removal Treatments

MEN’S Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Book today for a 30-minute consultation where:

  • Our estheticians formulate a treatment plan, including budget, based on your goals;
  • Conduct a patch test to ensure safe laser hair removal;
  • Answer any questions guests might have prior to treatment.

It’s time to simplify your beauty routine.

What We Use

Shear Escape Salon and Spa utilizes the Sharplight Omni Max S3. It has a sapphire cooling tip to ensure a comfortable hair removal experience. Gone are the days of painful laser treatments. The system’s hand piece provides sufficient cooling of the tissue being treated, reducing the possibility of epidermal tissue damage and that uncomfortable feeling some might have experienced in early days of laser hair removal technology.

The laser sends pulses of light into the hair follicle. Here, the pigment absorbs the light which destroys the hair at the source. It’s safe and effective for all skin and hair types and clients can see up to 85% hair reduction with the treatment plan our estheticians prescribe.

Imagine a summer or hot holiday without waxing or shaving. Laser hair removal is the fastest permanent hair removal solution available with full results on average between six to eight sessions (results vary depending on client). Treatment sessions are fast, private and professional.